Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feist - "How Come You Never Go There" video

There should probably be some sort of rule against having any sort of expectations when it comes to Feist. Regardless of what you think about her new album Metals, "How Come You Never Go There" is one of its best tracks. And when she was doing album teaser videos I thought I had a fairly good idea what the video was going to be about. Wrong. That charming gentleman who danced his way into my heart in the teaser? Gone. Instead, Feist dons her longest, scruffiest wig and embarks on a forest adventure. There she spins and twirls - but in the Feist-y way where she's not actually putting much effort into it and the wind and trees bend to her will. Yup. Feist goes into the forest and gets in touch with her inner Earth mother. Expectations shattered.

Watch the video for Feist first single and video off Metals, "How Come You Never Go There":

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