Wednesday, November 16, 2011

North Highlands - "Benefits" video

When North Highlands released their debut album last month, there was far less of a big hurrah than I expected. The group kept busy playing various CMJ shows but there was no real record release, no press push, and that kind of saddened me.

But North Highlands' brand new video for "Benefits" kind of makes up for all that. It's one of the most entrancing videos without a plot I've ever seen. Directed by Nate Buchik, the video features a flickering image of the band's singer Brenda Malvini before small bits of the band playing get superimposed and thrown into the mix. It's some pretty artsy handling on a pretty hypnotic track.

Watch the video for "Benefits":

And don't forget you can still preview/buy North Highlands' debut album Wild One on their bandcamp here.

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