Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pitstop: Carter Tanton

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My discovery of Carter Tanton is a testament to how awesome still is despite it's minor brush with irrelevance. Max Blau of Paste Magazine put the track "Murderous Joy" up and I was immediately sold. Before he even mentioned that Carter Tanton was actually the guitarist from Baltimore's Lower Dens and had a track featuring Marissa Nadler. Sold and Sold. That was enough for me promise I would check out Tanton's debut album Free Clouds out November 15th.

And yet if the slow, folksy whisper of "Murderous Joy" isn't enough to win your favor, Tanton has two other tracks available for consumption. There's bristling, raucous "Horoscope" and the aforementioned track featuring Marissa Nadler, "Fake Pretend".

The constant between these three rather different songs is Tanton's silky, evocative vocals - comforting and caressing even amid the stormy, bustling "Horoscope" and "Fake Pretend" and doubly so in downtempo "Murderous Joy". The ease at which Tanton switches moods is all the assurance I need that Free Clouds in a sure fire must listen.

Free Clouds is out November 15th on Western Vinyl. Get a taste of Carter Tanton:


You can listen to "Fake Pretend" at Spin here.

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