Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two new Lord Huron tracks

I have missed Lord Huron every time he's come to New York. When Lord Huron was at CMJ playing the Paste Magazine day party at The Living Room, I was just next door at Pianos getting my face rocked off by ARMS. Do I regret my decision? No. But it is pretty unfortunate. So when I saw these live-ish videos that Lord Huron did for Rollo & Grady, I could just imagine that I was watching Lord Huron live and all is right with the world.

I've essentially been doing aural shots of Lord Huron's Mighty EP and Into the Sun EP so it's nice to hear something a little different. New track "Man Who Lives Forever" throws off the obvious world influence while still maintaining Ben Schneider's entrancing layers of sound and there are occasional hints of globe-trotting tropical pop sytlings with bongos, amped ukulele, and balmy open riffs.

Lord Huron - Man Who Lives Forever from Rollo & Grady Sessions on Vimeo.

Lord Huron - She Lit A Fire from Rollo & Grady Sessions on Vimeo.

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