Monday, February 4, 2013

Listen: Young Dreams - "First Days of Something"

Since the announcement of Norwegian orchestral pop outfit Young Dreams went live, I've been eagerly awaiting this moment. When we'd get another taste of their delight multi-layered jams and with their brand new single "First Days of Something", Young Dreams certainly don't disappoint. It's bouncy with a bright, sunny guitar licks that make you righteously pumped for warmer days.

With a dancier pulse, "First Days of Something" skirts more on the line of rock than their normal orchestral leanings and that's a-ok. Good to change up the formula every now and again. It also establishes Young Dreams as band full of anthems. Indie-pop's answer to the old school punk band; filled with their fair share of important things to say about youth just dressed up in crisp, clean pop rock suit and tie instead of fiery vitriol, breakneck speeds, and guitar pyrotechnics.

"First Days of Something" definitely accomplishes it's job of making you even more excited for the album than you thought possible. Luckily Young Dreams full length debut Between Places will be out  March 5th on Modular Records. Just 30 days away. Completely doable, right?

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