Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Watch: Young Dreams - "First Days of Something"

For their second team up with director Kristoffer Borgli Norwegian orchestral pop rockers Young Dreams provide less of a music video and more of a short film. The video for "First Days of Something" begins very much like the one for "Fog of War" with the protagonist narrating a crucial point of drama through which the rest of the videos plot tries to extrapolate upon. In this instance, the narrator has just broken up with his girlfriend and debates moving away to go back to Australia with his family.

After settling on his major life decision, there rest of the scenes are a hodge-podge of listlessness; of scenes almost aimlessly without direction, seemingly random with nothing of real import happening in them. He visits his hangouts but has no real fun at them, parties with friends but doesn't appear to really enjoy being there. One of the main and most relatable instances is where he narrates how he wants to listen to one song as much as he can so that he can connect that song with how he is feeling at that very instant. It's why he plugs his iPhone into the turntable at a party, why he listens to it on his snowy rambles, or why it's on pretty much every single one of his electronic devices. It's responsible for one of the the few times we see him smile.

Borgli's piece is interesting in that Young Dreams' "First Days of Something" never plays all the way through. Various parts of it are played at different points and repeated almost ad naseaum before something happens to make the songs start again. Eventually the whole thing is heard but in bits and pieces, never occurring in a single continuous line. It's an interest concept for a music video - to have the song featured but not exactly highlighted. It becomes much more about the story than it is the music accompanying it. Seemingly content with his newfound singledom, the events soon spiral into a series of anger-soaked idylls as it's revealed he's much unhappier than he appears, his only solace "First Days of Something" which he repeats incessantly.

Young Dreams - First Days of Something from Kristoffer Borgli on Vimeo.

Young Dreams' debut full length Between Places is out March 5th in the US on Modular Records.

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