Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Watch: Little Tybee - "The Boldest Lines"

And suddenly the flood gates are open. After the release of what might very well be the most perfect tour video for "For Distant Viewing", Atlanta chamber folk outfit Little Tybee are keeping the momentum going with another video for new track "The Boldest Lines".

Unlike "For Distant Viewing" which featuring sprawling fields and gorgeously shot nature footage as well as the band being their charming selves, "The Boldest Lines" is a remarkably different change of pace featuring the wacky dance stylings of a man known only as Cousin Dan. Despite it's rather simplistic one-shot there's actually a lot going on. Well, that's not entirely true. There's two things going on: There's a tv whose visualization is tied directly to the song and then there's so very much going on with Cousin Dan as he rises in his Batcave, disrobes, and suits up in what I can only assume/hope are his trademark digs.

Did I mention the starring track is amazing? I didn't? Well, it is. What seems to be the theme of the For Distant Viewing tracks is Little Tybee taking these expansive musical interludes that are really just highly enjoyable. That's not to say the tangents are more entertaining than the song proper, it's just nice to have this purely musical moments where they could be easily cut out for a more radio-friendly appeal. It's also another opportunity to showcase the amazing musicians Little Tybee have within their ranks. They're astounding together and band together to create this remarkable pop-tastic moments but it's nice that they're given moments to shine without having to worry about distracting from Brock Scott's lyricism.

Oh Little Tybee, I am smitten. Their third album For Distant Viewing is out April 9th on Paper Garden Records.

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