Friday, February 1, 2013

Watch: Friend Roulette - "On Her Own Tonight"

In a completely fair and just world, this year should be Brooklyn chamber pop sextet Friend Roulette's year. Each release since their debut self-titled EP has expanded on their brilliant pairing of lush, occasional dark-dwelling textures; their excellently plotted knowledgeable take on pop; their beguilingly unique instrumentals.  And as we get more peeks at their sextet's upcoming debut full length, it's clear that Friend Roulette has grown exponentially over a rather short period of time. Which is even more of an achievement for a band that started out so creatively structured.

In their brand new video for "On Her Own Tonight", directors pair Jordan Doig and Stephanie Gould pair the tumultuous track with stunning nature visuals as well as stunning modern dance fragments. As the track swells aggressively, the graceful, languid movements act as a rather appealing juxtaposition. There's occasional instances where the dancers mimic the track's mounting restrained chaos that really makes the pairing function well and not seem like a disjointed combination.

Their upcoming record I'm Sorry You Hit Your Head will be out April on Goodnight Records.

(via Consequence of Sound)

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