Thursday, February 21, 2013

Watch: Brazos - "How the Ranks Was Won"

Since my discovery of Brazos last year at a My Heart Is A Spade sponsored show featuring them, ARMS, and Port St. Willow I've logged a pretty decent amount of alone time with the 2009 debut Phosphorescent Blues. Enough to be completely thrilled with the prospect of new music but not enough to be in any particular rush for it. And it's a good thing too because after Martin Crane and crew wrapped up production in October, everything's been pretty mum about the album's release date. Until now. In addition to premiering the new single via a self-directed, self-filmed video, Brazos also released some album details. The sophomore record Saltwater will be out on May 28th on Dead Oceans.

While that seems like ages upon ages away, the single "How the Ranks Was Won" certainly makes the wait at least a little more bearable. It's slinkier and looser than any of the Phosphorescent Blues cuts without seeing too out of left field. The track is laid back, the band relaxed, the video quirky and fun. The concept a modern retelling of the subject of Crane's song: A tale of an old ship discovered by one of the descendants of its inaugural passengers.

You can read more about Crane's concept here.

(via Spin)

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