Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watch: Little Tybee - "For Distant Viewing"

Turns out Atlanta folk pop collective Little Tybee took an extra two years not only to make tweaks to their upcoming third full length album but to film one of the most perfect tour videos I have ever seen. Or that's what I'm assuming because how else do you get what appears to be a year's worth of footage of being om the road through changing seasons and a myriad of locales without putting a little effort in? You don't.

In addition to the aforementioned visual perfection of band members and friends frolicking on beaches and meadows, swimming in waterfalls, and all sorts of awesome events Little Tybee do while hanging out and features a brand new track "For Distant Viewing". Brock Scott's trademark falsetto starts things off where it is otherwise earned and leapt into. It also features instrumentals fair more heavily than I think any Little Tybee song has before consisting mostly of evolving moods and jams with Scott's vocals and the band's accompanying harmonies taking more of a secondary role. There's also a drive-by musical quotation of new track "Mind Grenade". Basically in a rather short amount of time, Little Tybee gets your properly excited for their upcoming album with what functions as pretty fitting album teaser.

Watch Little Tybee's video for title track "For Distant Viewing"

Little Tybee's For Distant Viewing is out April 9th on Paper Garden Records. Mark your calendar and buy buy buy!

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