Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Listen: Chris Holm - "H.A.A.R.P"

If you follow the actions of Norwegian orchestral pop sextet Young Dreams, you might've heard guitarist/vocalist Chris Holm's "H.A.A.R.P" before. Awhile back they created a mix for Under the Radar's artist mixtape series and they slipped this little gem on there. And hopefully you've heard of Chris Holm before - besides being Young Dreams gritty rock guy, he's been a member of Sondre Lerche's backing band and even had the first single for his upcoming solo debut record Kilos directed by Sondre Leche's wife Mona.

And while the first single "When I Die" was every bit of a gritty rock jam, opening track "H.A.A.R.P" shows you really can pin Chris Holm down. Featuring hip hop samples almost extensively about halfway through that all changes and the sort of tropical leaning sound reminiscent to Young Dreams shine through. It makes  a strange sort of sense and even Holm's pillowy soft vocals carry a message befitting of the rap selection that preceded them.

It's enough to make me just kind of shrug when attempting to figure out what sort of record Kilos is going to be. Luckily that won't be too long as Kilos will be out everywhere digitally on September 20th.

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