Thursday, August 29, 2013

Listen: The Debauchees - "I've Got Energy"

Louisville trio The Debauchees are young - let's get that bit out of the way right now. It's a point that'll be brought up time and time again and like similar young adult bands Avi Buffalo, Balkans, and Out Go the Lights, it might begin to obscure the very nature of the music they're making. Consisting of three sprightly twenty year olds, The Debauchees are a band of considerable talent and precision.

The biggest counterpoint to their youth might very well be in the sultry purr of vocalist/guitarist Sydney Chadwick. Well at least it starts out that way before rising to a tuneful punky wail at the most climactic moments. It's a delivery that requires a lot more confidence and self awareness than your standard twenty something and yet comes off without the slightest bit of insincerity. And the same can be said of the band as a whole invoking the sort of rebellious rock n' roll spirit you usually don't encounter at all in indie rock. It's far from trying to invoke records they grew up listening to and decided they wanted to incorporate, it's raw influence emblazoned on their sleeves and galvanizing their every musical decision. They don't need much more to spice up their music than that. "I've Got Energy", the lead single from their upcoming Big Machines and Peculiar Beings seems like it could very well have been a live take sort of a thing.

It may be too soon to say but The Debauchees are a band of contradictions: young in actual age but old in spirit and influence, polished but not wholly without grit, "I've Got Energy" is insanely catchy without relying the least bit on pop conventions. They're not reinventing the wheel but they don't have to - they're setting the whole damn thing on fire.

The Debauchees' Big Machines and Peculiar Beings is out November 12th on sonaBLAST! Records.

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