Monday, August 19, 2013

Listen: Anna Calvi - "Eliza"

One of the best bits of new news to drop recently happened to be that UK guitarist Anna Calvi's follow up to her 2011 self-titled debut was not only done being recorded but also set to come out later this year. Considering the strength of her debut, the news of a sophomore record was every bit as thrilling as it should well be.

On "Eliza", the first single from Anna Calvi's forthcoming One Last Breath, the sultry sensuality of the debut is burned off in favor of a far more energetic tale. "Eliza" also features Calvi's band in a far more dynamic role, shelving a bit of Calvi's incendiary guitar chops and cultivated sense of dramatic performance for what's arguably the most pop-leaning tune. That's not to say the Anna Calvi of their debut is gone or the guitar is featured any less prominently but where her debut made use of experimental guitar tones and sense of every song functioning together, "Eliza" seems very much like it could be a standalone track and relies far more of it's catchy melodies and the magnetism of Calvi's booming vocals than any extra-musical sources. It's refreshing but also not too shocking of a change.

Anna Calvi's sophomore effort One Last Breath will be out October 8th on Domino Records.


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