Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Watch: Young Dreams - "Footprints"

When it was announced that the next single from Norwegian orchestral pop sextet Young Dreams would be "Footprints", I was elated. In addition to being one of my absolute favorite tracks on the pretty immaculately spun Between Places, I was excited to see what frequent collaborator Kristoffer Borgli would do with the jubilant track.

Considering the previous videos for "Fog of War" and "First Days of Something" seemed to both disregard and utilize the tracks' lighter moods for dramatic effect - creating interesting dark narratives soundtracked by Young Dreams' mirth, I was intrigued how to Borgli would proceed here. Instead of spin an entirely new tale, "Footprints" revisits Young Dreams' rather brief past. Using cuts from their Modular Studio sessions as well as bits and pieces from their previous music videos (even going as far back as "Young Dreams"), it's a nice little retrospective of just how much the band has achieved in a rather short time-frame. Not all the selected scenes are happy ones but the lightning-in-a-bottle joyfulness of "Footprints" is inescapable.

Borgli's video for "Footprints" is a well-deserved celebration of  a rather young band that's enjoying a bit of success. A success I hope continues for as long as Young Dreams continues to make good music. Here's hoping that's a long, long time.

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