Thursday, August 22, 2013

Listen: The Lost Cavalry - "Stars Are Ripe"

After quite a bit of time away presumably working on their upcoming debut album, London chamber pop sextet The Lost Cavalry are back with new single "Stars Are Ripe". Released originally as part of a limited edition split 7" with Keston Cobblers' Club, now us foreigners can get a taste without having to pay those shipping fees.

"Stars Are Ripe" continues where 2011's Snow City Radio EP seemed to leave off making use of similar rhythms and melodies. Where "Stars Are Ripe" really establishes itself occurs around the halfway point during a climactic swell that shifts from the calmly flowering folk The Lost Cavalry usually purvey into a bristling rock scorcher - it's short lived but it's enough to make you sit up and you pay attention. Other than that, "Stars Are Ripe" is your standard The Lost Cavalry track, not that there's anything wrong with that.

But "Stars Are Ripe" isn't just an example of The Lost Cavalry being one-trick ponies, there's all sorts of new tricks being subtly employed like the inclusion of female vocals for harmonies and the aforementioned rock moment. Even without these things, The Lost Cavalry are still capable of delivering a solid folk pop tune and it clearly shows.

The Lost Cavalry's debut album Three Cheers For The Undertaker is out September 16th on Folkroom Records.  

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