Monday, August 26, 2013

Listen: Sondre Lerche - "The Plague" (Scott Walker cover)

If you're anything like me, you're probably eagerly awaiting news of another record from Norwegian wunderkind turned wunder mann Sondre Lerche. I mean, he's released a new record almost every two years since his debut so we're about due. While he's been off charting the globe working on a new more experimental album, we've finally got a little something to tide us over - "The Plague".

Sondre Lerche's contribution to a Scott Walker tribute album entitled Songs from Montague Terrace is a darker Lerche than you're probably used to and yet surprisingly not even the slightest bit of a misstep. Lerche has a method actor like ability to take up any role for a cover while still imbuing a bit of himself in it. That's what we get here in "The Plague" which is more than your paint by the numbers cover - there's a bit of new with the old like clattering drums which give Lerche's vocals a sort of spoken word feel and a sea of reverb effected vocals that aid in the mysterious aura.

So while it may still be a while yet until new original Sondre Lerche material reveals itself, I'll be happy to take this sort of thing - a fresh new look and interesting bit of experimentation from a pop songsmith.


Songs from Montague Terrace is out on All Souls Music on September 16th.

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