Thursday, March 31, 2011

Buke and Gass - Riposte (2010)

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Before listening to Buke and Gass' debut album Riposte, someone needs to warn you how incredibly catchy it is. If you don't want their songs stuck in your heard for days let alone weeks, you probably shouldn't listen to it. But if you're able to make peace with that then you're in for an interesting experience. The Brooklyn duo certainly don't hold back, with frantically paced album opener "Medulla Oblongata", it's the listener's introduction to the homemade instruments, crash-bang foot percussion, stratospheric vocals, and jumbled but strangely sensible lyrics that are used thorough the whole album. "Medicina" with its deceptive slow start tricks you into thinking that the album will wind down before launching into a frenetic rock groove.

Riposte is a splendid introduction to a band that's doing something new and inventive. It's not everyday a band crafts it's own instruments, let alone plays them to such a startlingly catchy degree. Each song on Riposte is memorable and infectious, energetic and bold in its delivery. Their somewhat disjointed style works well for them, like someone so excited they have difficult getting their thoughts out fully. And yet, Buke and Gass with it's genre-defying minimalism no doubt has its ideas fully formed to be able to switch between them so effortless. Riposte is definitely a must have, unrivaled in its flair, that's sure to become a much-listened-to favorite.

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