Thursday, March 24, 2011

tUnE-yArDs release new video

tUnE-yArDs kind of set the bar pretty high after the thoroughly enjoyable video for "Real Live Flesh" and with her latest video for "Bizness", Garbus certainly outdoes herself. For starters, the video has some semblance of a story but not enough to bog down the video with meaningless details. The video starts in a classroom with a young Garbus-look-a-like rallying her other students into a kind of pseudo dance rebellion. Then there's this awesome light in the mouth scene, followed by Garbus herself leading a bunch of dancers in a forest made of cardboard trees. There's lifts, choreographed writhing on the floor, funny faces, all held together by bright colors and Garbus proving herself to possess another talent (like she needed one). Enjoy the video for "Bizness":

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