Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Middle East announce debut album

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The Middle East are my favorite band that almost wasn't. They released The Recordings of the Middle East, a 5 song EP, right before they decided to break up in 2009 and it generated enough buzz to convince them to get back together. Since then The Middle East have been taking it relatively slow. Relatively. They played their first US tour with Mumford & Sons, played a couple shows in Europe (where they also played with Laura Marling and Frightened Rabbit) and then laid low for while, playing the occasional show in their native Australian. Now they're announcing the release of their debut album I Want That You Are Always Happy on April 8th in Australia and New Zealand. While this is unfortunately for their fans elsewhere, it's also great news considering they haven't broken up and a worldwide (or at least US/UK) release might not be far behind. Here's to hoping.

You can also listen to new songs "Jesus Came to My Birthday Party" and "Black Death 1349" on their Facebook page. And if for some odd reason you don't have a Facebook you an listen to "Jesus Came to My Birthday Party" at their MySpace page here.

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