Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pitstop: Bibio

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Meet Bibio. Chances are you’ve already heard at least one of his songs if you watch any sort of television. You see, part of “Lovers’ Carvings” was used in a commercial for the Amazon Kindle and that’s exactly how I was introduced to his music. Bibio is the moniker of British music producer Stephen Wilkinson and his music is a zesty blend of folk and electronics. Wilkinson integrates DJ-esque tricks like found sounds with his own field recordings and musical concoctions. His latest studio album Ambivalence Avenue (from which “Lovers’ Carvings” was taken) was out in 2009 and consists of a dizzying array of varying types of tracks. Since then he’s released a remix album and his upcoming album Mind Bokeh is due out March 29th. The new album promises to be a departure from the folk influence and a dive into a more pop-oriented sphere.

Get eased into the folksier side of Bibio with the track that inspired it all (or at least this post) "Lovers' Carvings":

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