Friday, March 25, 2011

Fleet Foxes release another new track, offer up vinyl for charity

Earlier this week, fans were graced with a another preview of Fleet Foxes sophomore album Helplessness Blues, a humdinger of a diddy by the name of "Battery Kinzie" and while the album was leaked earlier today (much to the dismay of the band), another track has resurfaced for all those that like Fleet Foxes subtle, slow seduction, a new track "Bedouin Dress" has surfaced. It's a mid-tempo jam which rocks for all the right reasons and has something not heard in many Fleet Foxes songs: fiddle. But just enough to pique your interest and catch your ear before it blends in among the more common guitar and drums. Listen to "Bedouin Dress":
Bedouin Dress by SloaneRanger

And in case you didn't know, Fleet Foxes is auctioning off their test pressing of Helpnessness Blues and donating the proceeds to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. The band has also announced that they intend to match the donations of the final bid. Which certain is a doozy as it's already reached $3,000. If you're at all interested you can bid on the vinyl test pressing here.

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