Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Voluntary Butler Scheme - The Chevreul EP (2011)

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The Voluntary Butler Scheme aka Rob Jones' one man band is back. After the release of his debut album At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea. almost two year he's returned with the new four song Chevreul EP. Jones has always used computers and various technology to craft his song but his latest venture is the first time it's actually sounded like it. Instead of the easy-breezy pop melodies of his debut, the new ep has a cut-and-paste electronic sound. Sure there's still melody in the songs but they've shucked off the easy listening retro-pop vibe and instead pull from an almost completely different set of influences: most notably some hip-hop and chillwave. Although the retro-influence still remains in "To the Height Of A Frisbee". What's even more genius is the method Jones used to create several of the songs on the new EP: cutting up some of his oldest tracks to create drastically different ones. It's an idea that you'd think would sound better in theory than in actual practice but Jones' flawless execution and masterful arranging make it work.

Hear The Voluntary Butler Scheme's new sound with the video for single "Do the Hand Jive":

You can also listen to the EP as well as a remix of "Do the Hand Jive" by The Go! Team on his bandcamp.

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