Friday, March 25, 2011

Pitstop: Buke & Gass

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Normally I ignore when Amazon recommends something to me (Sorry, Amazon). Not anymore. For countless weeks, Amazon recommended Buke & Gass to me because I bought music from Ivan & Alyosha, The Heligoats, Maps & Atlases, First Aid Kit, GOASST, Surfer Blood, Midlake, and GAYNGS. I'm not exactly sure how any of these are linked to Buke & Gass aside from being equally as awesome. Which leads me to explaining who exactly Buke & Gass are. Buke & Gass are a Brooklyn based duo who create oddly catchy minimalistic songs on homemade instruments: the buke - a modified six string baritone ukulele and the gass - a guitar/bass hybrid peppered with some foot percussion and lilting vocals provided by Arone Dyer. It sounds kind of new age-y and gimmicky until you actually hear their songs. Then you realize that this band isn't just your run of the mill New York area experimentalists. As if there music wasn't awesome enough, the duo are also involved with The Blue Man Group. Aron Sanchez builds instruments for the Blue Man Group and Dyer sang on "What Is Rock" on The Complex. Suddenly everything makes sense.

Get a taste of Buke & Gass with this video for "Page Break" off their debut album Riposte released last fall. If you like what you hear, you can check out more of their tunes on their MySpace, their Bandcamp, or buy their album wherever you prefer to buy your music.

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