Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Listen: Jamaican Queens - "Water"

If you were to take some sort of weird inventory of all the things I've spoken highly about you'll notice a common thread; sure they're all GOOD but they also have an added link of me not really knowing what is happening. That's not bad. My favorite music just happens to be the type that manages to deftly dodge any labels that you try to stick on to it. The latest being Jamaican Queens, borne from the experimental chamber pop remnants of Prussia, the Detroit trio had pretty much shed all of that and chameleoned itself into a different beast entirely. Even going from single to single (we've heard three so far) there's not really a definitive clear concise way to label what it is Jamaican Queens are going for. Which is fine. Instead you have to actual listen to them.

Their latest single "Water", begins with a rather sludgy synth-intensive deluge that gives way for the entrance of Ryan Spencer's vocals. That's the only break you get before layers upon layers are stacked and the waves of poppy synth goodness gather more and more intensity. It's intricate as hell while managing to be utterly engaging and catchy as all hell.

Jamaican Queens are prepping to release their debut full length Wormfood and it'll certainly be an unpredictable and interesting thrill ride. I know I'm looking forward to it. It'll be out March 5th. 

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