Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Listen: Buke & Gase - "General Dome"

The gifts just seem to keep on coming: After the release of new track "Hiccup" on the most recent Brassland compilation, Function Falls EP, and Sandy Benefit endeavors including the sale of the album's first real single "Hard Times", the experimental duo Buke & Gase is giving us an additional peek at their upcoming album General Dome. And it's a doozy.

The title crack bristles and crackles with a frenetic energy, while what can only be described as Buke & Gase's trademark clatter occurs just slightly out of focus. It's a full minute and a half before Arone Dyer's vocals enter and they're hardly the sweet coo you'd expect. Darker, somewhat hushed but alarmingly insistent. "General Dome" is a rallying cry, much like "Misshaping Introduction" only with the stakes raised higher. The message received right before something important's about to go down or the sender disappears forever. A track bursting at the seams with a dramatic sense of urgency, it's just the sort of thing to get you properly fiending for more.

Listen to Buke & Gase's "General Dome":

Buke & Gase's sophomore album General Dome is due out January 29th on Brassland.

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