Monday, November 5, 2012

Listen: Buke & Gase - "Hard Times"/"Blue Monday" for Hurricane Sandy Relief

You know what's better than a new a single? A new single released not for the benefit of the artist but to help others. Tons of artists have done it and Buke & Gase latest philanthropic efforts puts them in good company. In order to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief after massive damages was wreaked upon Brooklyn, Long Island, and New Jersey, the Brooklyn duo are releasing a single from their upcoming album General Dome with their cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" to directly benefit those effected by the Hurricane in Red Hook, Brooklyn. So if you're fans of the band or even if you want to help out but can't get out to volunteer, throw a couple bones at Buke & Gase. It's great music AND a great cause.

To read more about the RHI Center and/or donate directly go here.

The latest track from the Brooklyn duo "Hard Times" continues in the somewhat more straightforward songwriting and delivery of Riposte and less in the more experimental vein of the Function Falls EP. Which is in itself a rather strange thing to associate with Buke & Gase; straightforwardness and normality aren't really words anyone would use to describe what the duo does but the new track is "normal" for the twosome. The tracks rolls on with a rather heavy, repetitive riff that's sure to be stuff in your head for hours while Arone Dyer's simpering vocals flitter about, occasionally joining forces with the accompaniment.

As far as songwriting is concerned, the track might be the duo's most poppy number to date. Yet still rather unconventional in the sense that it's the DIY experimentalists take on pop. There's more in line with classical composition actually. Melodies transition quickly from the Dyer's vocals into the accompaniment and kind of snowball into this absolutely fearless juggernaut. Thoughts are birthed and combined with other thoughts and yet, each of Buke & Gase's parts are clearly in focus. There's a bit of a busy fizz but it's not quite as overwhelming as you'd expect.

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