Friday, November 30, 2012

Watch: You Won't - "Ten Years Old"

It's hard to imagine that pretty much the whole year went by without me being wise to You Won't existence. But after capturing my attention and my heart with two of the most dynamic CMJ sets, it seems there's definitely more to come. One of my favorite things about the Boston duo, aside from just their overabundant musical talent, was their hilarious between song banter. It's that one opportunity you have to really get to know a band/artists short of sitting them down and having an actual conversation. And that penchant for comedy is alive and well in their brand new video for "Ten Years Old" as Josh Arnoudse mimes a whole baseball game. By himself. On a completely empty field. It's equal parts of laugh-inducing hilarity, awkward quirkiness, and weirdness that's endearing as hell. Kudos, You Won't. You can stay.

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