Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Listen: Fasano - "Muzzle You"/"First Timers"

True to his word, all-around nice guy and former ARMS bassist/keys guru Matty Fasano promised new tunes in the Fall and he's certainly delivered more of his infectious piano pop. However unlike his Living in Armchairs EP, Fasano's new track "Muzzle You" is far more upbeat.

On "Muzzle You" and it's b-side "First Timers", Fasano returns with simple, minimalistic yet oddly infectious melodies and tales that form an interesting dichotomy with their rather upbeat dressings. In that way, they're rather unlike the tracks on Fasano's Living in Armchairs EP where the mood of the song was portrayed helpful throughout. Instead on his new single and b-side, Fasano makes you work for his song's meanings. His golden vocals hiding half-told tales of contempt and frustration.

It's an age-old pop trick to dress up negativity in happier-sounding dressings and Fasano does so pretty effortless trading in his know emotive skill for a more neutral narrative voice. It's a bit eyebrow-raising on paper but in practice, it's pretty excellent. And even if you get what he's doing or not, one thing is clear: Fasano writes some darn catchy pop tunes. Enjoyable even if you miss the deeper lyrical implications.

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