Monday, November 5, 2012

Listen: Cold Specks - "Post Operative #8"

Canadian singer/songwriter Al Spx continues to deliver more of her luscious, dark, soulful hymns as Cold Specks with another single from her brilliant debut album I Predict A Graceful Expulsion. But as incredible as another listen of "Hector" is, the real cause for excitement is in it's b-side "Post Operative #8".

"Post Operative #8" with its slow, melodic purl and bare, simple delivery wouldn't be at all out of place on the album proper and yet, it's brand new and hints that Spx has found her sound in evocative, slow unfurling tracks that showcase her daunting vocal prowess; her rich emotive alto pouring over you like molasses and congealing on her minimalistic but poignant lyricism.

Listen to the b-side to "Hector", "Post-Operative #8":

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