Monday, November 5, 2012

Watch: Cold Specks - "Hector"

It's rare that you look forward to an artists video as much as I've been looking forward to each creation from Canadian singer/songwriter Al Spx aka Cold Specks. In addition to her utterly consuming brand of stormy gospel-inspired folkiness, she has a real talent for pairing her musical talents with fantastic videography. And that's no less the case with her latest video for new single "Hector" from her debut album I Predict A Graceful Expulsion.

Very little is explained in the video and that's probably for the best. As the video begins, you're not entirely sure what you're seeing as a white figure drags a body along a grassy path before revealing the figure as a pregnant bride still in all her wedding day dressings. There's flashes of the unborn baby as well as the Spx's groom before whatever disaster befell him. There's scenes of a happy wedded union cut with those same flashes of the unborn baby and there's Al Spx in various stages of almost menacing beauty as she sits, stands, and wanders alone. Who decapitated her bridegroom? Was it Al? Was it the baby? Those are the questions you try to unravel as the cinematic music video plods a long. 

Watch the haunting and beautiful video for Cold Specks' "Hector":

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