Friday, November 9, 2012

Watch: Young Dreams - "Fog of War"

Young Dreams create music with such an epic far-reaching scope that when they announced the video for "Fog Of War", I was absolutely besides myself with excitement and glee. After discovering the gladiator-themed lyrics of the single, I had foolishly assumed they'd go with something at least partially similar to that. Wrong. If you think you know what the Norwegian orchestral pop group has up it's sleeves, chances are you're not even on the same page. I'm glad they didn't go with a more literal interpretation of the lyrics and the Kristoffer Borgli directed video is more beautiful and wonderfully cinematic than that. Beginning with a monologue spoken by the video's female lead, it foreshadows a darkness that creeps at the video's edges.

Two French teenagers left to their own devices for a time. It's more or less what you might expect: Pot-smoking, alcohol-guzzling, furniture wreckage. But even then your expectations are alluded and/or exceeded. After the young lady established the non-romantic relationship with the man-friend she invites to share her empty family home with, you're looking for romantic entanglements pretty much the whole video. Also there's an established danger that's hinted at but never quite addressed head on. The boy wields a crossbow menacing while the girl solely chuckles, he breaks probably expensive pottery and the girl and her friends follow suit, it's not until the video's end where everything really comes to a head. I won't spoil it but it's not anything you're going to guess.

And yet, as this evasively dark tale unravels, there's the jubilant strains of Young Dreams "Fog of War" which somehow makes it all okay. A pretty excellent pairing.

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