Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Watch: Local Natives - "Breakers"

It's something I had forgotten in their around two year absence but Local Natives have this amazing talent for making you want to inhabit the worlds in the music videos. I mean, who didn't want to be part of that beach party picnic in "World News"? The video for their latest single, "Breakers", off their upcoming sophomore record Hummingbird isn't as outwardly fun as "World News" and yet there's a sort of effervesceny charm that makes you eager to be a part of it. Maybe it's the non-linear storytelling? Maybe it's the pleasant clatter of Local Natives' exuberant track? I'm not exactly sure.

The story in "Breakers" is a little hard to put together and perhaps that's because there doesn't appear to be much a story at all. Shot in reverse while alternating shots of the band at play, there's a pair of mask wearing hooligans that seem like an essential piece of the 1,000 piece puzzle Local Natives and director Jaffe Zinn have created for you. They're either dragging the body of a subdued man (the same man who's defying physics for the majority of the video) or standing menacingly to the side. There's also a spaceman walking on the side of the road and the beach where the subduing is taking place. It's enough to inspire a rather Lychian sense of "WTF!?" but somehow the potential frustration is secondary. You may not be able to construct a working narrative from the pieces given but it's all about the journey - a rather beautiful collection of images that come together to create a confusing but rather enjoyable visual spectacle.

Watch Local Natives video for "Breakers":

Local Natives sophomore album Hummingbird is out January 29th.

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