Thursday, May 16, 2013

Listen: Cemeteries - "Alberta" (ft. Foxes in Fiction)

Last year's CMJ I found myself in the most unexpected of places: a showcase put together by Portals and Stadiums & Shrines held in the back of a restaurant where lounging and relaxing was encouraged.

The night consisted of a handful of ambient-leaning bands that really helped cultivate the relaxing atmosphere the showcase sought to achieve. It ended up being one of my absolutely favor stops during the hustling and bustling fest.

Western New York based Cemeteries and Toronto export Foxes in Fiction ended up being two of my favorite acts from that night and it seems I'm not alone in that. Over at Stadiums & Shrines the two were tapped to contribute on a collaborative work for S&S ongoing Dream feature - creating a track based on a handmade  collage.

The result is a track very much in the same wheel house of the two artists - beautifully unfolding, enchantingly captivating dreamy soundscapes with just enough of a pop element to drive the tune forward towards a pleasant conclusion. Swooping vocals glance off one another like a sort of musical northern lights amongst a billowing, ever shifting electronic base.

Enjoy the wonderfully immersive stunner from Cemeteries and Foxes in Fiction made possible by those lovely folks over at Stadiums & Shrines. (Via Stadiums & Shrines)

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