Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Listen: Steve Gunn - "Water Wheel"

Before Daughn Gibson took a break from recording his upcoming album to contribute a mix for All Around Sound's recent third birthday I had absolutely no idea Steve Gunn existed. Much less any idea of the level of musicianship contained within the single man. Daughn had spoken highly of him and his upcoming album Time Off and its first single "Water Wheel" certainly doesn't disappoint. Gunn's comparable guitar skills are matched only by his impressive narrative powers, capturing the dusty, plainsy rambles explored by artists like Carter Tanton (most notably in "Murderous Joy") and William Tyler. It's no wonder he's earned the respect and championing of recent critical guitar rock darling Kurt Vile. It's well earned and well deserved.

Time Off is out June 18th on Paradise of Bachelors.

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