Thursday, May 16, 2013

Listen: Laura Marling - "Once"

British songstress Laura Marling continues to reveal track after track of her behemoth 16 track Once I Was An Eagle, this time dishing out track "Once".

On A Creature I Don't Know , Marling started to incorporate some decidedly American stylings (most notably in the jazzy piano riffs on "I Was A Card") and "Once" continues in a similar vein, recalling the blues in Marling's lingering drawl. Marling promised a far more stripped back album this time and "Once" is a pretty stellar example of that - sparse and far more openly featuring Marling's vocals than any of the tracks we've heard thus far.

Thank heavens we've only about a  week more to wait before the rest of Marling's narrative beast is uncovered. It's sure to be worth the wait.

Once I Was An Eagle is out May 28th on Ribbon Music.

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