Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Listen: The Dodos - "Confidence"

San Francisco duo The Dodos are most know for their complex heavily percussive leaning rock pop and that's served as a pretty apt qualifier up until now.

"Confidence", the first single from their fifth studio album and Polyvinyl debut Carrier, takes a rather different approach. Relying far more on Meric Long's vocals accompanied by his ever present guitar. The guitar work isn't the clamoring, noisy beast of songs past either - instead offering a soft padding for Long's serpentine plod. The Dodos' trademark cacophony isn't completely abandoned however - waiting until just the right moment to elevate the track to a fierce stomper. The waiting makes it that much more enjoyable.

Welcome back Dodos, we've missed you.

Carrier is out August 27th on Polyvinyl.

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