Friday, May 31, 2013

Listen: Hundred Waters - "Visitor"/"Caverns" (Stadium Red Session)

You might remember some time ago, experimental musical mages Hundred Waters' announced a collaboration with Yours Truly, Small Plates Records, and their own OWSLA in which they'd put out a gorgeous red 7" vinyl with two new versions of tracks from their self-titled debut. In honor of the 7" finally making its way out into the world (I got mine mere days ago), how about we listen to them shall we?

If you've seen Hundred Waters any time within the past couple months, they've incorporated (as best they can) these new versions into their set and the results are as beautiful as the finished product. The new version of "Visitor" is an acoustic version featuring several brassy additions, namely clarinet, saxophone, and trombone. Hundred Waters enlist the aid for some extra hands for this version and the results are extraordinary - providing a comfy blanket of sounds for Miglis' vocals to billow over. It's also a unique opportunity to actually truly give the lyrics a listen if you haven't already as the textural layers are stripped back.

Despite "Visitor" being one of my favorite album cuts, there's no denying that the new version of "Caverns" featuring a solo Nicole Miglis on piano and vocals isn't the absolute star of the 7". Cut loose from the rest of the band, Miglis reshapes the track into an unimaginably beautiful version of the album's quiet stunner. Miglis gets to display her incredible piano chops and the results are jaw-dropping.

While Hundred Waters' evershifting textural palette is worthy of all the praise and attention it gets, it's nice to hear the fivesome treading newer, simpler territory and offering up something truly special. If you haven't already, you might want to think about purchasing this limited edition gem here.

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