Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Listen: Son Lux - "TEAR"

It's been awhile since a proper release from ballet composer and electronic songsmith Ryan Lott aka Son Lux. Since the release of 2011's sophomore effort We Are Rising, Lott has had his hands in all sorts of different pots - appearing in the collaborative trio s/s/s with Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti on Beak & Claw as well as putting out a remix album of the aforementioned We Are Rising, it's hard to imagine the man had time to compile a whole other album worth of material.

And yet, Lott has done that and more. Releasing his third full length Lanterns this October on Joyful Noise, Lott has offered up "TEAR", a two part piece and non album track.

Continuing in his characteristic chopped and screwed style, the real impact of Son Lux's dazzling new track is the beauty contained within - reaching out among the plethora of inorganic sounds. Its lyrics, accompanied by a svelte laid back jazz drum line, properly sums up Lott's songwriting style.

"I'll tear you apart, make beautiful things from pieces of you" morphs in the  rather sinister "I'll tear you apart until you see what I see" of "TEAR Part 2". It's a rather excellent shift that manages to maintain the stunning beauty the lyrics only hint at but the tracks truly revel in.

Son Lux's "TEAR" is available now as a digital single (the physical 7 is unfortunately sold out) on Joyful Noise and Son Lux's upcoming third album Lanterns is out in October on also on Joyful Noise.

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