Thursday, May 30, 2013

Listen: Wild Ones - "Curse Over Me"

Portland's Wild Ones have been making big strides away from the blatant sugary pop of their You're A Winner EP as of late. With the details of their upcoming debut Keep It Safe now out in the world, it's looking to be a rather dynamic shift in direction - for the best. After the synthy "Golden Twin", new single "Curse Over Me" plumps ahead in that direction, coming down a bit in sweetness and offering a bit of overcast in Wild Ones' normally sunny skies.

Don't mistake, it's still the spry, slinky pop Wild Ones are proving themselves more and more adept at serving up, it's just the first time the quartet have offered up something with even the slightest hint of emotional tumult. It's a good look for the band and one that's sure to give their upcoming record a lot more versatility.

Wild Ones' forthcoming debut full length Keep It Safe is due out July 9th on Party Damage Records.

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