Monday, May 27, 2013

Listen: Typhoon - "Dreams of Cannibalism"

It sure has been awhile since we've heard from Portland folk outfit Typhoon! Since dropping the first single for the upcoming album White Lighter way back in October, the twelvesome have remained pretty quiet. That's all over now, hopefully, as their brand new single "Dreams of Cannibalism" comes with the much anticipated album release announcement.

Whereas "Common Sentiments" sort of hinted at more of the same wholesome Typhoon goodness, "Dreams of Cannibalism" quickly debunks that assumption. Featuring The Decemberists' Chris Funk on lap steel, "Dreams of Cannibalism" is far more than your standard Typhoon track. The minimal use of its plentiful members and emotional life-affirming lyrics aside, "Dreams of Cannibalism" is a equal parts a step into previously untread territory from the band as the rather darker-tinged track consistently changes form. Leftovers from Typhoon past are here to stay however, there's the rather hopeful gleam that manages to slip out regardless of how lyrically murky the the track gets as well as the buoyant brass that's virtually a staple of any truly great Typhoon song. "Dreams of Cannibalism" essentially sets up White Lighter as album sure to full of surprises.

Typhoon's much-awaited upcoming full length album White Lighter will be out August 20th on Roll Call Records.

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