Thursday, February 20, 2014

Listen: Friend Roulette - "Kitty Song"

Of course after I proclaimed that their previous single "I Guess" was probably the most straight forward of all of their most recent songs, Brooklyn chamber pop sextet Friend Roulette would release a song like "Kitty Song". It's construction and even its presentation almost completely at odds with "I Guess" and yet, still fitting in the wacky psychedelic realm Friend Roulette's songs seem to populate.

Built upon a solid existential question of "Where do I come from?", the narrative power of "I Guess" and the strongest cuts on I'm Sorry You Hit Your Head is seemingly ruminated upon and then toss out of the window for a much more carefree and spirited affair, "Kitty Song" plows forward with the most colorful and loosely ordered chaos. At least in the lyric department. In terms of arrangement, Friend Roulette are in peak form. Offering up not only absolutely infectious musical ideas but the kind of deftly handed precision of layers that Friend Roulette is being more and more known for. And yet there's no denying the confidence required in Julia Tepper's delivery of the track's definitive line "I feel like a magic person" and not have it come off as smarmy but like an utterly serious and sincere thought.

"Kitty Song" is the kind of song that succeeds not through the analysis of its rather piecemeal lyrical approach but based on the total commitment of Friend Roulette's loveable band of weirdos. It's a technicolor pop jam of pure unadulterated fun which shows Friend Roulette know not to take themselves too seriously. It comes off like a truly sincere endeavor but "Kitty Song" contains a couple clues that illustrate the band know exactly what they're doing. Subtle winks and nudges underscored by the a pretty epic lift from "Eye of the Tiger". No doubt the perfect ending to their five song collection Grow Younger.

Friend Roulette's Grow Younger EP is out February 25th on Goodnight Records.

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