Friday, February 7, 2014

Pitstop: Poor Remy

Considering they share members with Brooklyn via Katonah duo Yellerkin (vocalist/banjoist Adrian Galvin and live band member Andrew D'Amico), it really was only a matter of time before I stumbled upon folk pop trio Poor Remy. While Yellerkin's excellent single/EP standout "Solar Laws" offered up a hint of folk influence, Poor Remy dives right in and makes it the foundation for their rambunctious floor-stomping harmony laden brand of folk.

Established during the threesome's college days in Ohio back in 2010, the band's survived both a cross-country move and the involvement of its members in other projects and boast two rather dynamic releases: their debut Still Sleeping EP and the Bitters EP released in November of last year. Whether you're looking for uplifting lyrics, euphoric harmonies, instantly memorable melodies, or just galvanizing infectious energy, it's all there somewhere in Poor Remy's rather small but excellent catalog. It's worth noting that despite their cacophonous heartily emblazoned scream-singing folk, Poor Remy are capable of their fair share of subtlety. Their tunes feature some rather stirring musical moments that occur during the songs' energetic ebbs and before their splendid monumental climaxes.

Poor Remy find the perfect balance between the radiant, visceral response of pop and the musicianship and introspection needed to craft a good folk tune and blend them into a smile-inducing, toe-tapping, display of heart.

Listen to their recently released Bitters EP and check out more of their tunes on Soundcloud.

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