Thursday, February 6, 2014

Watch: Owen Pallett - In Conflict (Album Trailer)

I got so excited with the fact that Canadian composer/arranger/violin + loop pedal virtuoso Owen Pallett was doing the arrangements for fellow Canadian Foxes in Fiction's upcoming record that I totally forgot that it was about time for Pallett to put out a new record of his own. While album trailers tend to be a frustratingly teasing affair, Pallett makes sure that you certainly get your money worth as he stretches the standard 30 second or so trailer length out to two minutes for his In Conflict trailer. In that time frame, your learn a surprising amount about of album details: The most eye-catching and excitable fact being Brian Eno will be making an appearance. Also noteworthy is In Conflict will feature a whole orchestra - the Czech FILMharmonic Orchestra to be precise. There's all sorts of information too from record's various studio recordings took place, to the cast of musicians Pallett assembled for the task all soundtracked by the soaring strains of adventurous "Infernal Fantasy".

Owen Pallett might've offered up a considerable more than we're used to in his album trailer but offers up what may in fact be the biggest tease of all - In Conflict won't street until May. There's a hell of a lot of time between now and then and hopefully Pallett softens the blow a little bit with a continuous streak of musical offerings (however small) before then. Until then, check out the album trailer for In Conflict:

In Conflict, Owen Pallett's fourth studio album, is out May 13th on Domino.

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