Monday, February 10, 2014

Listen: Pattern is Movement - "River"

It seems since 2008's All Together, Philly duo Pattern is Movement have shed a bit of their experimental pop dressings and meandered head on into R&B territory. For any other band, this might sound like the absolute worst bit of news but Pattern is Movement isn't any other band. The same full-tilt enthusiasm that made the eccentric sophomore record such a delight is present here to work its similar ineffable charm.

"River", the latest preview of Pattern is Movement's upcoming self-titled full length is a beguiling soulful romp that certainly updates the duo's sound a bit. Where their sound had a rather simplistic approach to Andrew's Thiboldeux and Chris Ward's roles - "River" is anything but simple. It features complex layering, a tangle of synth lines, and a far less concise presentation. Thiboldeaux gives his pillowy falsetto a rather extensive workout as he howls, coos, and otherwise riffs in the track's 5 minute sprawl. There's a notable electronic element that never quite overtakes the organic - Ward's drumming the evident constant in the track's melodic tumult.

Pattern is Movement is out April 1st on Hometapes.

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