Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Listen: The Voluntary Butler Scheme - "Honey in the Gravel Mixture"

You might remember that British one man band The Voluntary Butler Scheme had an album on the horizon. A Million Ways To Make Gold was supposed to see the light of day sometime in the past year but for some reason the album got shelved. That is until now where Rob Jones reemerges with the triumphant "Honey in the Gravel Mixture". 

The latest single continues in the way of Jones' bright, buoyant, and overall just downright pleasant form of retro-tinged chamber pop. Love songs are Jones' specialty and with a bed of brass and his trademark indomitable sincerity, he's pretty much in rare form here. "Honey in the Gravel Mixture" isn't just infectiously catchy, it's also charmingly sweet and effortless so; obscuring all signs of the diligent construction Jones put into such a carefree gem.   

The Voluntary Butler Scheme's third album A Million Ways to Make Gold is out March 24th. "Honey in the Gravel Mixture" will be released as both digital and physical 7" with an exclusive track on March 17th.

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