Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Listen: Tiny Ruins - "Me At The Museum, You In The Wintergardens"

I say completely without any intention of hyperbole that New Zealand singer/songwriter Hollie Fullbrook aka Tiny Ruins was without a doubt my most favorite part of 2013's CMJ. Her's was the kind of music that needed no frills, no attention grabbing presentations; just simple understated beauty. Her gorgeous vocals framed by quaint, rustic guitar rambles delivered with deft delicacy. It inspired me not only to pick up each and every release Fullbrook had on her person but eagerly await the release of her forthcoming record.

After a couple months of relative radio silence, Tiny Ruins' Brightly Painted One not only has release details but a teaser of what to expect in the form of "Me At The Museum, You In The Wintergardens". In it, Fullbrook imbues her simple love song with a stately grace. There's little dressing up from the live version - a bit of harmony here and there, a drum entrance at perhaps the song's most climactic lyric: "Nobody feels old at the museum". There's the subtle touch of upright bass from collaborator Cass Basil and slight ornaments that recall the sun breaking through cloud cover; of sun dappled floors beneath a forest canopy. It's all delightful spring-like, effortless gorgeous and crisply articulate. All in all it's a great first peak at Tiny Ruins upcoming sophomore record and a wonderful introduction to those abroad who haven't had the chance to hear her just yet.

Tiny Ruins' Brightly Painted One is out May 3rd in Australia on Spunk Records, May 5th in the UK/EU on Bella Union, and May 13th in the US on Flying Nun. Mark your calendars.

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