Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Listen: Wild Beasts - "Sweet Spot"

                                                        (photo by Klaus Thymann)

One of the most exciting things about British art rock foursome Wild Beasts' triumphant return isn't the shedding of their use of guitars but rather that it takes you so long to notice. Wild Beasts are a band completely devoid of controversy and spectacle so it's rather fitting that one of the most polarizing bits of news about the band would be the hardest to pinpoint, the easiest for them to cover.

"Sweet Spot", the second single from Wild Beasts' upcoming fourth record Present Tense, continues the band's full on immersion in the world of stuttering synth pop. But far more impressive is it sees the return of the dual vocals of Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming. It's been a while since we've heard them together that it was rather easy to forget just how perfectly they fit together but now, under the blessed union of "Sweet Spot", the two gracefully swap vocal duties. Though Fleming's vocals serve mostly as another timbre for Wild Beasts to explore and exploit in their subtle mastery of tone and texture, they're certainly appreciated as short lived as they inclusion is. Unlike "Wanderlust", "Sweet Spot" operates its tonal shifts on a subtler level - from the addition/removal of layers rather than juggling of various musical ideas.  

Wild Beast's fourth full length record Present Tense is out February 25th on Domino.

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