Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Watch: AU - "OJ"

Holy unexpected visual treat, Batman! If you were think of a song worthy of the video treatment from Portland duo AU's recent release Both Lights what song would you pick? "Epic"? "Get Alive"? "Solid Gold"? Well, none of those were the choice of frequent collaborator Takafumi Tsuhiya. He's taken his colorful visual style and paired it up with "OJ" the dance-y less-extreme track of Both Lights. And not a bad choice considering the album is virtually stacked with great songs equally all deserving of a video.

If you've seen the video for "Ida Walked Away" you might have some idea of what to expect for the "OJ" video by Takafumi and yet, it's still quite the visual spectacle. Capitalizing on it's dance-y nature, the video features a dance in a sea of potential epileptic seizure inducing colors ranging on full on explosive bursts to subtler changes and brief respites being offered during the track's percussive breaks. It's a video you're sure not to forget as it's scorches it way into your very retinas.

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