Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watch: Marissa Nadler - "The Wrecking Ball Company"

Boston folk songstress Marissa Nadler has always had a certain affinity for crafting tunes of breathtaking beauty steeped in melancholy and on "Wrecking Ball Company", the first single from Nadler's upcoming companion record The Sister, she's certainly hits her stride. Featuring a sort of bluesy funereal dirge, Nadler laments the distant that can sometimes appear between two people who are otherwise close. The stark video details this relationship perfectly. Featuring a couple that seem to mutually coexisting rather than sharing any kind of loving relationship - it's cold (both visually and emotionally) as Nadler pulls away from the gentleman's advances and attempts at reconnecting all the while Nadler isn't complete unresponsive attempting repair in her own roundabout way by just sticking around and allowing the gentleman to follow her. For all of their unsuccessful attempts at connecting, the last shot is one of home as they stand as the front door holding a matchbox advertising The Wrecking Ball Company. It's beautifully shot and follows in Nadler's tradition of pure emotional evocation with just the right balance of cohesive narrative.

Watch Marissa Nadler's gorgeous "The Wrecking Ball Company":

Marissa Nadler's The Sister is due out May 29th on her own Box of Cedar Records.

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