Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hundred Waters - Hundred Waters (2012)

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Since my discovery of the Gainesville, Florida quintet Hundred Waters through I Guess I'm Floating and Conveyor, their album has skyrocketed to one of the most anticipated ones of the year for me and upon hearing it lived up to all of my expectations and more. Hundred Waters remain one of those bands who's sound is an absolute conundrum to explain. What most people go to is dream-pop purely by process of elimination and  because it's not too far of a stretch. And so while still none too close to defining their sound, one thing is clear: In three short songs Hundred Waters managed to eclipse virtually every other band as my favorite new discovery of the year. 

Hundred Waters' debut follows in the footsteps of so many of my favorite albums - an actual body of work that's not just a mash-up of musical ideas. Hundred Waters is the musical equivalent of an aurora borealis - a kaleidoscope of bright sounds and textures with an absolutely cosmic resonance. The album commences with "Sonnet" highlighting Nicole Miglis' absolutely awe-inspiring wisp along a sprawling sparse soundscape that bursts to life right before you. And while tracks like "Visitor", "Me and Anodyne" "Caverns" are utterly sidereal in sound, Hundred Waters do more than just craft celestial dreamscapes - tracks like "· · · — — — · · ·", "Wonderboom" and "Theia" have slightly more conventional leanings, crackling with intense energy and boasting unexpectedly impressive funkiness. By the time "Gather" ebbs out, you're left feeling a little disoriented but wholly complete.   

Hundred Waters is an absolute masterpiece - stitched together with careful details from an almost staggering amount of musical ideas. An album so full of lush instrumentation and a distinctive textural palette, it's incredibly easy to get lost in. Aided more so by the subtle way tracks seems to slope into and feed off one another. Hundred Waters is a journey into the hearts and minds of five exceptionally talented young musicians with artistic sensibilities.  Hundred Waters is a breathtaking venture showing the very best of the many hands involved in making it. It effortless balances devastating, intoxicating beauty with subdued catchiness. A stunning treasure and must listen, Hundred Waters is sure to be your new favorite album. One that you can't and won't want to turn off. 

Listen to their album in full at their website here.

Get a taste of Hundred Waters with one of my favorite tracks "Visitor":

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